If you have accessibility concerns the large avatars showing up on the thread lists can be distracting and take up space for people using screen readers and assistive technology (AT) devices. This addon gives users the ability to turn them off in their site preferences.

If you have other accessibility recommendations please let me know.

There’s no settings, once installed all users on your website are able to choose to “Hide large avatars”. This is a custom user preference setting.

Avatars always show to guests, search engines, etc., this is only a per-user-preference setting that can be changed to suit the preference of your individual members.

The default setting is no change from the default installation of Xenforo. Specifically, avatars always show.

This is not a CSS hack. For users that select to hide avatars the code will be removed; making accessing the site faster with less clutter.

Post pages will also take up less space, reducing the need for AT users to scroll.