Display notices based on any number of keywords found in the page URL.


  • Seamless integration with the existing Notices system
    • New “URL Keyword” ability under “Page Criteria”
  • Keyword matching
  • Wildcard matching ( with * )
  • Regular expression matching

URL Examples:

  1. /whatever/bugs-bunny-lives-here
  2. /threads/bugs-are-no-good
  3. /forums/1979-bugs-bunny-movie

You can match all #1, #2 and #3 with:

Or, match #1 and #3 with:

Or, specifically only match #3 types of URL’s (YEAR-bugs-bunny) with:

Please note:

  • There are no specific options with this add-on
  • Install and use the “Notices” system as usual
  • This add-on will appear under “Page Criteria” of the Notices system
Notice by URL Keyword Options
Administrator options for the Notice By URL Keyword system.