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Complete control over your Multi-Quote, Quote, Reply and new @Mention post reply links.

If you’d like to offer users the ability to reply to posts without forcing them to quote, this is the add-on you’re looking for. This add-on aims to make reply options more clear to users, while also reducing the amount of unnecessary quotes within threads.

This is a useful tool for all forums.  Give posters options to reply with an @mention instead of forcing them to quote  posts.  Or, remove/alter the reply buttons to your specific forum users and forum taste.


  • Enable/Disable all reply methods independently
    • Hide any or all reply buttons completely
    • Hide on first post
    • Hide on last post
    • Hide on both first and last post
  • *New* “Reply” button with two new actions:
    • Reply ( without quoting )
    • Reply ( with @mention )
  • Style the *New* “Reply” button text:
    • Style as “Reply”
    • Style as “@Username”
    • Style as “Mention”
    • Style as “Mention Username”
  • Style the existing “Reply” button text:
    • “Reply with Quote”
    • or, “Quote Username”
    • or, “Reply to Username”
  • Style the language text for each button independently
  • All language items are in phrases for easy translation and customization

All language items are in phrases for easy translation.