This plugin is helpful if you’d like to receive full message text in forum, conversation, and thread notifications through email for some usergroups, but not all.

For my communities, I don’t like the full message text to be sent by email for two reasons:

  1. I want to encourage visitors to return to the website to read new posts, conversations and thread updates
  2. I want to discourage people replying to messages via email (which doesn’t work)

We receive a lot of new users to the internet and they don’t realize they can’t reply by email.

This add-on allows you to specific which usergroups are allowed to receive the full message text within their email notifications.  We have this set to “moderators” and “administrators” in order to save them time NOT having to return to the website if the new post, conversation or thread notification isn’t urgent.

Affects the following email notifications:

  • conversation creation
  • conversation invite
  • conversation reply
  • watched forum reply
  • watched forum thread
  • watched thread reply

Options screen: