Having a problem getting old content that should include a Google GMAP to render?

What does this module do?

  • Finds user selected content types with missing GEOFIELD GMAP’s and does a node->save on each
  • The goal is to resave the node so the GMAP coordinates are updated

Use case:

This module is useful if you currently use the geofield module and have added thousands of nodes.

The geofield API only allows 1,000 lookups per day. If you add 5,000 nodes in one day, the last 4,000 added will NOT have any GPS points associated to them because you’ve exhausted your 1,000 lookups in a day. Unfortunately, the geofield module does not retroactively review each node to update the GPS coordinates. Without the geofield_update module you will need to revisit, load and save each node manually in order to get the GPS coordinates set for any node in which you have associated a geofield.

This module, geofield_update will allow you to specify which content types you have geofield’s and it will automatically load and save each node that is missing a geofield GPS entry. You can specify the number of nodes to be processed per cron run.

After install visit: /admin/config/system/cron/geofield_update

Find this module in the menu under System -> Cron- > Geofield updater


  • Select specific content-types to run geofield_update against
  • Select the number of GMAP’s to process per cron run

Geofield updater screenshot