AutoAds Premiere

=== AutoAds Premiere === Contributors: Wutime Tags: adsense, autoads, wutime Requires at least: 4.4 Tested up to: 5.3 License: GPLv2 or later AutoAds Premiere allows you to quickly display advertisements on your website. == Description == This plugin allows you to quickly add AutoAds to your website. In addition to specifying your Google AdSense Publisher […]

Drupal 7.x – geofield_update – automatically update blank maps

Having a problem getting old content that should include a Google GMAP to render? What does this module do? Finds user selected content types with missing GEOFIELD GMAP’s and does a node->save on each The goal is to resave the node so the GMAP coordinates are updated Use case: This module is useful if you […]

Google Adsense AutoAds v1.0.0

Quickly add Google’s Adsense to your website using Google’s Autoads placement. For a more advanced Adsense AutoAds plugin visit: Google Adsense Autoads (Advanced) Setup is easy: Download and install the addon Enter your Adsense publisher ID Enable the plugin Profit! This module is fully Internationalized and Multilingual.

Drupal 8.x AdBlock Detection

Full responsive adblock detection for Drupal 8.x. Browse on github: Browse on Drupal: Themed options for overlay theme Fully responsive Option to allow usergroups to bypass detection Option to disable closing the overlay Delay timer on overlay Option to show a notice instead of overlay Testing mode to ignore permissions and show overlay […]

AdBlock Detection [anti-AdBlock] v1.8.4

Fully featured seo-friendly anti-AdBlock system.  Recoup lost revenue by nagging or forcing people to disable their adBlocker. Supports a full page overlay or a simple notice message. The choice is yours. Features: Fully mobile responsive SEO-Friendly Granular permissions per usergroup 3 overlay themes (dark, light and default) Simple colour changes can be made in the […]

Limited Guest Viewing v1.5.1

Fully featured system to limit the number of content pages your guests can view before being forced to register. It also supports a nag system to warn users that they’re on a limited number of views before having to register. Proven method of increasing forum registrations without negatively affecting SEO or annoying your visitors. Features […]

Accessible Navigation for Assistive Devices v1.0.0

Large header/footer navigation buttons for people that use assistive devices to navigate the web (eye gaze, foot mouse, etc). These types of users often have miss-clicks and issues navigating default Xenforo. By default, the buttons do not show. If a user chooses to enable them, they do so by enabling the option under their personal […]

Google Adsense Autoads (Advanced) v1.5.0

Free version available here. Quickly add Google’s Adsense to your website using Google’s Autoads placement. Setup is easy: Download and install the addon Enter your Adsense publisher ID Choose any controllers you don’t want to show ads on Choose any usergroups you don’t want to show ads to Specify any pages to exclude Enable the […]

Allow User to Hide Avatars v1.1.1

If you have accessibility concerns the large avatars showing up on the thread lists can be distracting and take up space for people using screen readers and assistive technology (AT) devices. This addon gives users the ability to turn them off in their site preferences. If you have other accessibility recommendations please let me know. […]