AdBlock Detector: Recoup Revenue, Promote Upgrades & Registrations

Recoup lost revenue from visitors user AdBlock Systems. Recommend they disable their AdBlocker, or force them to make a decision about Registration or Upgrade. You decide what’s best for your …


Prevent Unconfirmed Email Addresses from Browsing

This add-on will prevent all newly registered users with unconfirmed email addresses from viewing community pages until they’ve confirmed their email address. Features include: System includes: Message display example:


Limited Guest Viewing Pro – Boost Registrations

*Dramatically increases community registrations* Fully featured system to limit the number of content pages your guests can view before being forced to register. It also supports a nag system to …


Notice Shown by URL Keyword or Regex

Display notices based on any number of keywords found in the page URL. Features: URL Examples: You can match all #1, #2 and #3 with:*bugs* Or, match #1 and #3 …


Force Custom User Fields

Force Custom User Field Completion allows you to select any custom user field, new or old, and force your visitors to complete the field before continuing to browse your forums. …


Increase Registrations by Blurring Post Text

If you’d like to boost registrations and deter guests viewing all your content use this add-on. Guests will only be shown the first X posts – remaining posts will be …


Search Limit Essentials

Boost registrations and user upgrades by limiting the number of searches guests and users can make to encourage signups and upgrades. Guests and Users will be limited to a number …


Google Adsense Autoads (Advanced) v2.0

Quickly add Google’s Adsense to your website using Google’s Autoads placement. Setup is easy: Download and install the addon Enter your Adsense publisher ID Choose any controllers you don’t want …


Thread/Conversation Email Full Message Text by Usergroups

This plugin is helpful if you’d like to receive full message text in forum, conversation, and thread notifications through email for some usergroups, but not all. For my communities, I …

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